Friday, December 14, 2007

Wise Wolf

As part of a series of four wall sculptures made in ceramic, this detailed representation of man melded into beast espouses my global view of how closely we are connected to our environment. (more to come)
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Our Lady Of The Crows

Crows have their ways and this lady has a way of enticing you and engrossing you into thoughtful conversations about flocking.- in an avian population or a human one? hmmmmm
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In Tandem

There's a duality in nature where we can search for it within ourself or choose to find it outside in another person who is like us and is significant.

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Friday, November 23, 2007

Acquiring Inspiration

Out of the clay my humanness is revealed.
Life experiences and ideas meld and congeal,
Shaping and forming its essence.
In heavy clay bodies translucent.
High or low fire glazes applied
With bold colores or earth tones collide.

Mask-like images portrayed,
In dream-like thoughts and visions displayed.
It's psychology, spirituality and intellect
In creating sculpture with desired effect.
Content mixed with emotion one can guess
Reflect themes of passion, struggle, nothing less.

Natives from New York or monks from Tibet
Thus appropriate, translate and interpret.
When objects from a fiery kiln are purged
The treasures of self-expression emerge
Initial meanings of my work start to drift
As I give my art to the world as gift.

"Over The Highway" Sculpture Approx. 10x18
Ceramic clay with overglazes and underglazes. Fired at Cone 10. Price $260.

Inspired by Midwest cornfields and long car rides. My daughter "sacrificed" her cow.